The First Step 


Have you ever wondered what is the science behind cooking??  We’ve always said that cooking is both science and art

The art part of it is known and practised by all.. But the science part of it is neglected unless you are into the field of Food Science, nutrition, food technology, or the like where you have taken up food as a profession.. 

So,  here I am, with a degree of Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition, trying to share my knowledge and impart the bit of education that I’ve received over the years. Practically how science is used in day to day life,  is what I would like to focus on. 

So keep reading my blogs, and do write in your queries at anytime, any hour and I’ll heartily try to solve them. Also send in any suggestions for me to improve. 

Anvi Damani 


Published by

Anvi Damani

M. Sc in food science and Nutrition.

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