What happens when you add boiling water to semolina? 

Recently, I was trying to make a semolina / suji batter for dhokla. As usual, the First person we sought help from us out very own Mom.. So I asked her for a quick remedy and she told me add warm water to semolina and keep it aside for a while since I’d run out of curd to provide that leavening factor. Then add any veggies you want, add eno and jus bake.

Being too smart, I added boiling hot water to semolina and then I realized the water was less compared to suji and so I set to heat water again. In the meanwhile what do you think happened to the mixture??  

Yes, it Gelatinized.. 

It became sticky and lumpy. And even after adding more water, it did not separate. So all you have to do is keep beating it or whipping it till it all mixes up and forms a homogeneous mixture. 

But here you need to take a precaution. Whenever you add water to any cereal, for any purpose, make sure you do not add boiling water. Just add warm water, which you think is just below 80 degrees Celsius. Because otherwise, you will not get the desired texture of the food that you originally planned to prepare. 

This may happen with any other cereal. So be smart, be alert, be scientific when you prepare food and I’m sure you won’t end up making blunders in the kitchen. 

And yes, keep taking help and suggestions from you mom and grandma. No one can guide you better!!


Published by

Anvi Damani

M. Sc in food science and Nutrition.

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